John T. Pietrzak, Psy.D.*

As a California Licensed Clinical Psychologist, an important part of my practice is focused on helping to improve the lives of people living with chronic mental illness.  I visit each of the board and care homes I serve throughout the Los Angeles area on a weekly basis.

Out of my Topanga home office I help people to define their intentions and integrate their experiences relating to nonordinary states of consciousness.  Though these states may occur spontaneously, they are most often induced through breathwork, drumming or some other technique, or arrived at via the ceremonial use of entheogens**.    I help people at all stages of their journeys and inquiries.

*Dr. Jay  - ... (310) 663-7163 ... CA License PSY27360

**Entheogens are chemical substances, typically of plant origin, that produce nonordinary states of consciousness offering potential for healing on all levels and opportunities for the experiential understanding of Unity.